Equine Veterinary Physiotherapy

Ensure your horse remains in peak condition and performs to their optimum with support from our professional team of equine veterinary physiotherapists

The team at AG Veterinary Physiotherapy has extensive experience in treating horses, from elite equine athletes through to the much-loved family pony. We regularly travel to yards in Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and the Midlands, working alongside vets to support and enhance performance.

If you require veterinary physiotherapy services at national or international competition, please contact us regarding your requirements.

How Can Veterinary Physiotherapy Help Your Horse?

There are many scenarios where veterinary physiotherapy can be beneficial for horses. Regarded as a recognised adjacent to veterinary treatment; veterinary physiotherapists have expert skills and tools to reduce pain and inflammation levels and to help your horse recover from injury, develop strength, flexibility and range of motion and aid towards improving performance.

Veterinary physiotherapists combine clinical palpation with gait analysis to create unique treatment programmes to enhance your horse’s performance and overall wellbeing.

The skilled physiotherapist can detect subtle changes to your horse’s musculoskeletal framework, which can ultimately prevent or reduce the chances of catastrophic injury.

Recovery from Surgery or Injury

Following surgery or a significant injury, equine physiotherapy can form a crucial part of the rehabilitation programme, to aid recovery and return to fitness. 

In such cases, physio will usually be recommended by the vet and we will liaise closely on treatment progress.

'Not Quite Right'

In other cases, you may notice a change in your horse’s behaviour or a deterioration of performance which may indicate a 'niggle'. 

This might be a change in attitude towards being groomed or tacked up, or difficulty in a particular movement or transition. 

There can also be signs such as uneven shoe wear that indicates a change somewhere that should be assessed.

Performance Horses

Horses in hard work or competing at a higher level also benefit from treatment in order to maximise athletic performance and maintain physical condition, in much the same way as a human athlete does. 

We work closely with a number of top riders as a part of their team to help keep the horses supple, flexible and strong.

About Our Therapists

We cover a large geographical area in the Midlands which includes Warwickshire, Northampton, Oxfordshire and West Midlands. Our equine physiotherapists are fully qualified and skilled professionals as well as being experienced horse owners and riders.

We are always happy to provide advice and support to guide the recovery process. Often, a team approach is required to bring together information and knowledge from other professionals such as your veterinarian, saddler, farrier and trainer to ensure a holistic view and teamwork to deliver the best outcome for your horse.

Following a comprehensive assessment, we use a range of treatment modalities, to include manual therapy, electrotherapies and stretching regimes to create a bespoke programme designed specifically for your horse’s needs.

You can read more about our team on our About Us page.

Proud to be part of the team for many top trainers and competitors

AGVP plays a significant role in allowing our horses to be dependable performers and happy athletes. 

Her treatments underprop the training and development of our team and we have found her insightful, forward thinking and brilliantly able to deal with their evolving requirements.

Tom Graham, 


Annabelle is an important member of our team.

Her attention to detail in both treating and follow up with the horses, and her practical understanding of the sport, enables us to ensure they are in the best possible shape to have the potential of achieving their eventing goals.

Bill Levett
Annabelle Galt has been treating my team of event horses for the past seven years. Her attention to detail and genuine talent for what she does has without doubt contributed dramatically to our success. 

She is able to recognise potential injuries before they occur, thus enabling us to maintain a happy and healthy string. She is forever improving her own knowledge and updating her own equipment, staying right at the forefront of the very best of vet physio. 
Flora Harris 

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What is equine physiotherapy?

Equine physiotherapy is an extremely well-regarded tool, used to aid performance and enhance recovery times associated with injury. 

Physiotherapists combine clinical palpation with gait analysis to create unique treatment programmes with the aim of improving your horse’s performance and overall wellbeing. 

A skilled equine physiotherapist can detect subtle changes to your horse’s musculoskeletal framework, which can ultimately prevent or reduce the chances of catastrophic injury.

Key Benefits of Equine Physiotherapy

Correct Movement

Correct movement is important in competition but is also essential maintaining a sound horse. Avoiding or removing compensatory patterns that compromise the correct, natural movement is a key factor in avoiding injury and strain.

Better Physical Condition

Improved strength and flexibility will enable the horse to move more easily and better perform the movements and activities required of them

Faster Recovery

Reduce recovery time and faster return to work following an injury, not only to return the horse to work but to prevent longer-term secondary compensations which can result due to a change in gait pattern, muscle weakness or change in management routine.
Benefits of Equine Physiotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss our treatment options, please contact us.
Do I need a referral from my veterinary surgeon before my horse can be treated by an equine veterinary physiotherapist?
If your animal is currently being treated by a vet for lameness or poor performance, veterinary consent is required. Veterinary consent is not required for maintenance or competition care if the animal is fit, sound and healthy.
Is equine physiotherapy covered by insurance?
Most insurance companies provide veterinary physiotherapy cover. We advise contacting your insurance provider before treatment to check what benefits are available, as some policies may vary.
What does a veterinary physiotherapy session involve?
Appointments generally last approximately one hour. This will include a thorough assessment of your horse, including watching how they move and palpating how they feel. Treatment is specific to each patient and may include manual therapy like massage and stretching and possibly use of electrotherapies.
How often will my horse need treatment?
This depends as each case is different and there are no set rules. Your veterinary physio will be able to explain your horse's plan once they have undertaken their initial assessment. Treatment will depend on the severity of the condition being treated and how long it has been a problem.

Arrange an equine physiotherapy treatment

If you think your horse will benefit from veterinary physiotherapy or would like more information about how we could help you, please get in touch.

If your horse is currently receiving veterinary treatment or is injured, you may need veterinary consent or referral, but we can discuss the necessary requirements for this with you.

Our team is skilled and caring and will work to help reduce pain, improve performance, support rehabilitation and determine a personalised plan to best suit the horse and owner.