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To improve your horse or dog's health and performance

Our experienced and professional team at AG Veterinary Physiotherapy is dedicated to providing a bespoke service to improve animal performance, recovery from injury, reduce pain and improve mobility. We regularly travel to yards in Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and the West Midlands, working alongside vets to support and enhance performance. For our canine patients, we have a well-equipped clinic and hydrotherapy facility based between Banbury and Leamington Spa.

We operate as a multi-disciplinary team, working closely with referring veterinarians and other para-professionals to ensure all aspects of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and rehabilitation are specific to individual requirements.

Read on for further information about our services.

Our Veterinary Physiotherapy Services

Equine Physiotherapy

Our highly skilled veterinary physiotherapists are passionate about helping horses and their owners. We understand the challenges of horse ownership, and what it takes to keep a competition horse in top condition.

Canine Physiotherapy

We provide a full range of therapies and treatments for everything from helping speed recovery from surgery to maintenance for the older dog.


We can now complement our physiotherapy services with canine hydrotherapy.

Available at our Warwickshire clinic, hydrotherapy is beneficial for dogs in a wide range of circumstances. 

About Veterinary Physiotherapy

Veterinary physiotherapy is often used as part of an animal’s comprehensive health routine, alongside conventional medicine. Supported by scientific research, veterinary physiotherapy benefits a wide variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, including poor performance and pre- and post-surgery.

At AGVP, we provide veterinary physiotherapy treatments for horses, dogs and other small animals. Our clients include performance horses, working or agility dogs and beloved pets. Treatment can take place in the animal’s home environment, during competition, and at our canine clinic base in Warwickshire.

Treatment modalities include manual therapy such as massage, stretching, joint mobilisations, and myofascial release and electrotherapies. Our practice is well-equipped, and we utilise, hydrotherapy, LASER (class 3b and 4), therapeutic ultrasound, H-Wave, TENS, NMES, and PEMF.

Electrotherapies are key in supporting manual treatment and can be used to provide pain relief, assist with tissue repair, reduce swelling and aid neurological regeneration. Treatment plans and remedial exercise programmes are tailored to the individual patient ensuring practicality and achievability.

Benefits of using a veterinary physiotherapist

Veterinary physiotherapists are trained to provide specialist treatments for animals to aid pain management, minimise the risk of injury, improve mobility and flexibility, support injury recovery, and enhance performance.


For sports or working animals, being in top physical condition is essential to allowing them to reach their best athletic potential. 

We work with many elite sports horses and dogs to improve and maintain performance.


Veterinary physiotherapy can enhance the animal's wellbeing and provide preventative care. 

All animals can benefit from the positive effects of massage and other therapeutic techniques.

Small changes can dramatically enhance range of motion and muscle tone; developing strength to help in the prevention of injury.


Following injury or surgery, treatment by a veterinary physiotherapist can form an integral part of recovery, helping to reduce pain levels and introduce a return to functional activity. 

We work closely with referring veterinary surgeons to ensure a return to full function and normal activity.

Meet the AGVP Team

At AGVP, our small, friendly team of professionals is dedicated to using our skills and experience to achieve the best results for you and your animal. 

You can discover more about the team on our About Us page or click on each person below to read a brief introduction.
Annabelle Galt Vet Physio

Annabelle Galt

MSC Veterinary Physiotherapy NAVP RAMP
Annabelle established the practice in 2008 and has developed a successful client base, covering both equine and canine patients.

With extensive experience and an MSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy, Annabelle leads the team. She is an active member of the NAVP and RAMP. She is also an FEI Accredited Practitioner and a Clinical Educator.
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Katie Noble Vet Physio

Katie Noble

Veterinary Physiotherapist
BSC Veterinary Physiotherapy RAMP
Katie studied a BSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy at Harper Adams University and has worked in a small animal referral hospital and an equine veterinary practice.

Katie is dedicated to continuing her professional development focussing on sport horse performance as well as following an interest in canine injury rehabilitation.

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David Mason Vet Physio

DAvid Mason

Veterinary Physiotherapist
BSC Veterinary Physiotherapy NAVP 
David is an active member of the canine physiotherapy team, playing a key role in the development of our clinic. 

He enjoys pursuing continual professional development and has a special interest in orthopaedic rehabilitation.

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Jade smith

Veterinary Physiotherapist
PgDip Veterinary Physiotherapy NAVP
Jade is a Veterinary Physiotherapist and a member of the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapy (NAVP). Jade achieved a PgDip Veterinary Physiotherapy at Harper Adams University.

Jade has a Level 4 qualification in Canine Hydrotherapy and has worked in the rehabilitation sector since qualifying.
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Olivia sinclair

Veterinary Physiotherapist
BSc Veterinary Physiotherapy NAVP
Olivia studied a BSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy at Harper Adams University and graduated in 2019. She has had four years of working in mixed practice - equine and canine - and so comes to us with a wealth of clinical experience. Olivia has a history of working with both competition and leisure horses and also is involved with our hydrotherapy unit at the clinic. 

In her spare time, she enjoys producing her young horse, Dolores, and has recently rehomed an ex-working Bassett Hound called Landlord.

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Amy White AG Veterinary Physiotherapy

Amy white

Client Liaison
BSc Veterinary Physiotherapy
Amy gained her BSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy and joined our office team full-time at the beginning of May 2022. 

When booking your appointments, you will be in contact with Amy via phone or email.  As well as being in the office, you might see her on the road utilising her veterinary physiotherapy skills.

In her spare time, Amy enjoys competing her own event pony.
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Sophie Mutlow

Student Physio
BSc Veterinary Physiotherapy
Sophie has joined us for a year's work placement as part of her four year BSc degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy at Harper Adam’s University.

She has a particular interest in neurological aspects of veterinary physiotherapy and we look forward to helping her develop her skill set.

Sophie will be a regular face in the clinic with David and Jade, and will also be on the road with Annabelle, Katie and Olivia.
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Passionate about Helping Our Patients

I have taken my Labrador to Annabelle and the team for over a year now and I’m so delighted with the results. I was led by Annabelle on treatments and the difference in comfort and agility in his older years is so much better now.

A lovely welcoming team and always a pleasure to take Rubes along. Thanks guys.

Neil Tayler
AGVP plays a significant role in allowing our horses to be dependable performers and happy athletes.

Her treatments underprop the training and development of our team and we have found her insightful, forward thinking and brilliantly able to deal with their evolving requirements.

Tom Graham, UKCC L4 PgDip PPSC
Amazing service from Annabelle Galt and her team. 

Fantastic results after only one laser treatment on a knee injury and the team couldn’t have been nicer. 

Would highly recommend their services.

Sam Kirk

To book an appointment or discuss treatment options for your animal Call Amy on 07494 689566 or click the button to fill in your details. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss our treatment options, please contact us.
Do I need a referral from my vet?
If your animal is currently being treated by a vet for lameness or poor performance, veterinary consent is required. Veterinary consent is not required for maintenance or competition care if the animal is fit, sound and healthy.
Is veterinary physiotherapy covered by insurance?
Most insurance companies provide veterinary physiotherapy cover. We advise contacting your insurance provider before treatment to check what benefits are available, as some policies may vary.
What does a veterinary physiotherapy session involve?
Appointments generally last approximately one hour. This will include a thorough assessment of your animal, including watching how they move and palpating how they feel. Treatment is specific to each patient and may include manual therapy like massage and stretching and possibly use of electrotherapies.
Why use animal physiotherapy?
Throughout a lifetime, animals put a lot of stress and strain on their bodies. Although the body has a complex system to help it heal, many situations cause the healing time to be extended and sometimes mean that sadly it is unable to recover.

Physiotherapy works with the body to allow the best conditions in which it can restore a recovery. Alongside veterinary care, physiotherapy can treat long-term management of conditions effecting the musculoskeletal and neurological conditions and injuries.
What is veterinary physiotherapy?
As veterinary physiotherapists, we work alongside veterinary surgeons to help our patients recover from injury, improve mobility, reduce pain and prevent recurrence of injury.  The most frequent animals referred for physiotherapy are horses and dogs, and these could be companion or working animals, such as performance sports horses and gun dogs.

Veterinary physiotherapy is often used as part of an animal’s comprehensive health routine, alongside conventional veterinary medicine. Animal physiotherapy has many proven benefits for a wide variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, including poor performance and pre- and post-surgery.

arranging an appointment

If you think your animal will benefit from veterinary physiotherapy or hydrotherapy, or would like more information about how we could help you, please get in touch.

If your animal is currently receiving veterinary treatment or is injured, you may need veterinary consent or referral, but we can discuss the necessary requirements for this with you.

Our team is skilled and caring and will work to help reduce pain, improve performance, support rehabilitation and determine a personalised plan to best suit the animal and owner.